About S-students

The Association of Social Democratic Students, or “S-students”, has chapters in almost all university and college towns in Sweden, from Luleå in the North to Malmö in the South.

We are an association covering all political fields, especially passionate about equality, education, anti-racism, and international affairs. Our roughly 1500 members organise seminars, debates and courses, as well as write parliamentary proposals in order to stimulate debate and progressive impact Social Democracy. We have networks for those interested in university and student union politics, foreign affairs and migration. We have an academic research network for students continuing to advance in the academic world, and we run a development project in Burma. S-studenter co-operate with several international, national and local organisations, both within, and beyond, the labour movement.

The association and our chapters are platforms where you can develop your political engagement and thinking, regardless if you have been active in the Social Democratic movement previously or not. Become a member of S-students today and make academia redder, and Social Democracy wiser.